MSTS Private Limited came into existence in July 2007 with a shared vision to tap into the lucrative market of inter-atoll passenger transport system. This was then branched out into incorporating an element of tourism within our business after pooling in the expertise and passion of its founder’s, with the operation os a Safari Boat and now making a presence within the dive and watersports area in the Maldives. We are currently operating water sports at three locations in the Maldives. Coco Boduhithi in North Male’ Atoll, Makunudu in North Male’ Atoll and InnaHuraa in Laviyani Atoll.


MSTS is built on basis of our core values to create a client oriented, safe, eco friendly exhilarating innovative power water sports experience for our clients.

Client Oriented

With the range of services and products we offer, we understand the different needs of our wide-ranging client base from people seeking an adrenaline rush to people seeking a relaxing but fun experience. In this manner, we have a small questionnaire for our clients to fill out before every experience to be able to advise the best suited water sports experience for them should they require a recommendation. 


MSTS prioritizes the safety of its employees and guests as a top priority. All our employees are trained in First Aid from reputed authorities and have strict operating procedures to ensure all safety requirements are met.

Environmental Sustainability

We are aware of the delicate nature of the environment only use products that will not have an adverse impact on the environment and endanger the sustainable future of the communities by complying with all environmental laws and practices. We believe that eco-friendly products and practices can deliver a better experience for our clients.


MSTS only uses industry leader brand, BRP Sea-Doo equipment and accessories for our services. As the leading revolutionary brand to create the best watercraft experience, the Sea-Doo uses the world’s most advanced watercraft technology that allows the user to control their experience on water such as the first and only on-water braking system, the first true suspension system on a watercraft and most advanced throttle control all together with the legendary BRP Rotax® engine specifically designed for marine use. We use leading innovative brands such as Zapata fly for our motorized equipment.